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Trial Work
Court Reporters are responsible for producing precise accounts of court proceedings, generating verbatim transcriptions during trials, depositions, administrative hearings, and various other legal events.
Court Reporting
Final transcripts by certified court reporters, with all transcripts delivered in an expedited matter. We offer 10-15% lower prices compared to industry standards.
Deposition Videography
Deposition Videography- Our certified legal videographers are trained in accordance with the specific requirements of your jurisdiction. Whether your legal video is recorded in a courtroom, during depositions, or at crime scenes to document evidence, our videographers follow U.S. video standards.
Given the minimal margin for error in the legal process, it is crucial not to entrust this vital service to just any company. We provide foreign language interpreters, that provide a nonnegotiable accuracy to your deposition.
Remote Deposition
Our technology allows you to complete cases faster with greater than 99% accuracy. We offer the quickest transcript return time with a robust keyword search on all legal documents.
Arbitration Services
Our full-service approach offers on-demand court reporting and hearing services, powered by advanced technology.