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About US Depo

At US Depo, our mission is to set the standard for excellence in court reporting services across multiple states. With extensive experience and a focus on innovation, we provide dependable, high-quality transcripts essential for the legal process.

Our certified court reporters utilize the latest technology to ensure accuracy and timeliness, reflecting our dedication to supporting the justice system with precision. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity, and commitment to client satisfaction, continuously striving to exceed expectations as we expand our reach.

JUST, SPEEDY and INEXPENSIVE determination of every action.

Everything US Depo does ties to testimony and uniquely empowers reporters and clients to conduct their best depositions. Our team of in-house scopists and proofreaders are available to support our reporting team.

US Depo embraces technology as a tool to support court reporters, not replace them. Our core team are passionate Eclipse users but also welcome reporters using Case Catalyst and other CAT systems.