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Litigation is Won and Lost in Depositions. Learn More >> >>
Litigation is Won and Lost in Depositions.

Court Reporting.


US Depo is about access to justice. WE believe that all court reporters and discovery solutions are not created equally. Focused on YOU with remote depo technology and modern intelligence tools to accelerate insight. US Depo is about US.

Built by the People, For the People

Built by the People, For the People

Testimony – Court Reporting

Stenography With Skill
We deliver exceptional court reporting services, seamlessly adapting to in-person, hybrid, and fully remote environments to provide accurate and dependable transcription tailored to your specific needs.

Intelligence – Deposition Analytics

Smart Deposition Summaries and Cloud Tools
Our legal summary services offer a comprehensive analysis with detailed deposition, thorough medical, and insightful case summaries, crafted to provide you with a clear and concise understanding of each aspect of your legal proceedings.

Discovery Solutions

Medical Record Summaries
Our expert medical record retrieval services are meticulously crafted to simplify the process, guaranteeing swift, compliant, and secure access to necessary documents, giving you the utmost confidence and ease.

Our mission

To elevate testimony to its highest level of effectiveness for achieving justice

Litigation is won and lost in depositions. The documents in a case cannot be changed. 

Testimony tells the story that explains what the people intended, what the documents meant, and what went wrong.