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Our Services

Partner with US Depo and join the ranks of our esteemed clients who trust us for their most critical documentation needs. Experience the difference with a firm that not only grows with you but also celebrates the successes of our valued clients.

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Court Reporting

Rely on our seasoned legal transcriptionists to provide prompt delivery of polished transcripts, all at competitive rates below industry norms.

Arbitration Services

Our integrated, full-service solution provides on-demand court reporting and hearing services, utilizing advanced technology for optimal efficiency and accuracy.

Remote Depositions

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we expedite case resolution with an accuracy exceeding 99%. We deliver the quickest transcript turnaround and provide comprehensive keyword search functionality for all legal documents.

Record Retrieval

Accessing crucial records is pivotal in legal proceedings. Our record retrieval service streamlines this process, delivering comprehensive and accurate records promptly. Rely on our expertise to retrieve the documents you need efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Process Serving

Our expert process serving team ensures timely and accurate delivery of legal documents, facilitating the legal process with efficiency and professionalism. Trust us to handle your document serving needs with precision and reliability.

Trial Work

We are committed to delivering accurate and dependable documentation of court proceedings, offering verbatim transcriptions for trials, depositions, administrative hearings, and a broad spectrum of legal events.

Complex Litigation Case Management

Simplify complex legal matters with our expert case management services. We coordinate legal teams and manage extensive documentation, offering tailored solutions to streamline your case. Trust us to handle the details, so you can focus on your legal strategy.

Deposition Videography

Our certified legal videographers possess specialized training to meet your jurisdiction's precise requirements. From courtroom recordings and depositions to documenting crime scenes, our professionals strictly adhere to U.S. video standards, ensuring high-quality legal footage.


In the intricate landscape of legal proceedings, selecting a dependable service provider is paramount. Our suite of foreign language interpreters guarantees unwavering precision for your depositions, fostering an environment of absolute confidence.